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The Rite of Spring-Le Sacre Du Printemps


Inspired by Stravinsky Le Sacre du printemps and the representations of the monolith by Nicholas Roerick, the Dark Object takes the center stage of the memorial. The proposal in Pas De Calais is painted with “Vantablack” paint (property of Anish Kapoor..)made of randomly oriented carbon nanotube arrays able to capture 99.7% of light. It is an experiment in creating a 3dimentional object that appears completely flat, like a black hole, a silhouette within the landscape. The mysterious object would draw visitors towards it, capturing their curiosity, inviting them to interact with it and enter the space. The interior of the object is treated oppositely from the flat exterior surface. Instead, it is defined by protrusions coming towards the visitor. These can could be interpreted as bullets striking its surface and distorting its spacial field, or representing the many fallen soldiers. Each “bump” would distort the interior surface with a different magnitude resulting in constantly varying surface articulation. Light would enter the space through an Oculus situated at the top of the object. The Dark object is placed in the middle of a circular plaza, sending ripples within the landscape, and among the many craters and trenches created by humans during the war. The plaza is accessed by descending corridors recalling the Trenches. The Memorial acts as a place to celebrate peace with the armistice of November 11th, the end of a very cold winter in human history. It also should serve as a reminder of that darkness of another war that lied ahead, latent in the future unknown.

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