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Cat Cocoon Matrix is an extension of the Pet Cocoon product. It is a way for your cat to inhabit multiple spaces in the architecture of your home in the form of a network. Your cat will be able to climb inside your walls through tube-like modules connecting the cocoons and pop-up in any of the holes in the wall, gradually working its way up and down the wall. Your wall would look like a Gruyère cheese with cats roaming around the holes. The inside of the cocoons may take multiple colors or be white to blend with the wall. 

These cocoons require some construction work in either renovations or new construction. These modules are to be placed between studs and the outer edge is placed flush with the wall to create a seamless surface. The specially designed lip allows you to create a smooth transition using conventional construction methods. (Tape, Spackle and paint)
This product requires a minimum depth of the wall/block and the backside may be designed to utilized the left-over spaces by introducing niches for books and objects.(see diagram on next pg)

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