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Cat cocoon goes beyond furniture design. It is a way for your cat to inhabit a unique space in the architecture of your home, it is not furniture, it is an element of design such as a door, window or stair. These cocoons require some construction work in either renovations or new construction. These modules are to be placed between studs and the outer edge is placed flush with the wall to create a seamless surface. The specially designed lip allows you to create a smooth transition using conventional construction methods. (Tape, Spackle and paint)
The fabric portion serves as a climbing surface for your cat to climb into its cocoon, it wraps around the egg-like shape, and comes in few colors. The bottom of the concave egg-like cocoon has a pillow shaped to fit within it and provides a soft spot for the cat to rest and observe your spaces from above, evoking its natural instincts. 

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