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The Pet Project is focused on exploring scenarios of adaptation in which architecture and design could reshape the relationship we have with animals,and is focused on the animals most familiar to us, our pets. Our bond with pets has become stronger than ever before in history, they are our closest companions, yet we have not fully taken them into consideration when designing our built environments,they are still passive beings adapting to our needs. 

The research is intended to explore how design can influence these dependencies and recognizes their role in defining our spaces,investigating ways in which we can adapt to different living conditions,this is especially important as technology advances. The project intends to understand Pet cognition,how they perceive space and apply these factors into our design methodology to produce novel aesthetics. The information gathered through this research will inform the design of an experimental house for pet-human cohabitation which will be showcased in an Exhibition in NYC, illustrating the historical,technological,and behavioral context of pet human relationship as well as experiments in Pet cognition, Material studies, and pet-friendly furniture.

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