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The proposed house is located on a beach front lot on the “strand” in Manhattan Beach, California, overlooking the pacific ocean. The project was conceived to have “two grounds” or “two living rooms”, the boardwalk level and a the elevated podium level. It allows the house to transform itself into a vessel for public gatherings and parties which are frequent on the strand. The First floor contains the main living spaces, the dining area, kitchen, gallery, garage, pet room, and multipurpose room.The Podium level houses the garden with the infinity pool, It can be accessed both from inside and outside the house.The Third floor mass appears to float above the podium, partially cantilevering over the infinity pool. The large openings allow to frame views to the pacific ocean, giving the necessary privacy where needed. The third floor contains two very large bedrooms with corresponding bathrooms with open layouts.

The project explores part to whole relationships which at times operate as discreet objects but simultaneously flow continuously between each other both planimetrically and sectionally. Objects are separated visually through graphic and material differentiation, creating visual effects such as floating, defining void spaces and outdoor areas.This methodology is employed at all scales down to the art display vitrines which resembled crystal formations embedded into the interior surfaces

The house is designed around sustainable strategies which include controlled solar radiation and optimized airflow, taking advantage of the ocean breeze. Energy demands are met through Photovoltaic panels on the roof. Smart integrated systems allow to control heating and cooling, lighting, water usage,charge electric cars, and irrigation. The design also includes rain water collection and grey water re-utilization to irrigate the native, water-conserving landscape.

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